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Xenium Event

Leadership Essentials

April 5, 2018

8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
You may be an effective manager or director of work, but do you practice behaviors critical for inspiring, engaging, and developing others? This workshop focuses on developing skills in 3 key areas: Emotional Intelligence, Communication, and Trust – all essential to being an effective leader and bringing out the best in people.

Xenium Event

Coaching & Constructive Feedback

April 19, 2018

8:30 to 11:30 AM
Coaching involves partnering to help others achieve organizational goals and individual effectiveness. If you are looking to increase motivation in others, effective coaching communication requires practice. Improve the way you are delivering feedback through clarification of intentions, clear communication of impact and expectations, and management of agreements vs. people. Through interactive exercises you will leave this session with greater confidence, a clear understanding of what works, as well as crafted feedback for your next conversation – whether that be with an employee, peer, or leader within your organization.

Xenium Event

Termination with Humanity

April 19, 2018

1:00 AM to 4:00 PM
The most critical lesson to be learned in communicating and carrying out corrective action or termination is how it is conducted. Creating a process that is well planned, comprehensive, and focuses on treating the employee with respect will have a tremendous impact on the employee’s perception and response to the action. A termination can be an emotional time for both management and employees, but studies show that it is possible for both the employer and the terminated employee to benefit. In this workshop, learn how to effectively plan for and communicate a termination decision, how to leave the employee with his/her dignity intact, and how to communicate to and manage the reaction of remaining employees.

Xenium Event

Use or Abuse: Tools to Curb Family Leave Abuse

May 3, 2018

8:30 PM to 11:30 AM
Work is busy, employees are stressed, deadlines are fast approaching, and you get the call you have been dreading, “I won’t be in today” or “I’m leaving because I don’t feel well.” Sometimes those calls coincide with Mondays and Fridays, or the requested vacation days that were not approved, or the end of vacation periods or holidays, or the busiest time of day at the company, and we start to wonder whether something else may be going on. The unpredictability of intermittent leave is challenging and frustrating enough to manage without someone taking advantage of the system or abusing leave rights. Where do we draw the line between use and abuse, and what can we do about it? You have more power than you might think! Join us for this memorable program as we explore the fuzzy line between use and abuse and discuss the tools and strategies employers can use to curb family leave abuse.

“…the Xenium PEO model allowed us to manage the overhead cost of our HR systems and focus on the strategic and operational side of building and managing a world class company.”

– Nitin Khanna, Saber Founder & CEO until December 2007

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