It's about people.

Developing meaningful relationships at
every level to help organizations thrive.

Xenium [zen•e•um]

(n.) anciently, a present or gift given to a guest or stranger, or to a foreign ambassador

Our people are our greatest gift. We are passionate and purposeful about our work, and we encourage entrepreneurial thinking and leadership at every level of our organization. We believe every single person holds a potential for greatness. The right environment ​turns that potential into truth.











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Created by our people, these principles serve as the foundation for our success and guide us in our service to our clients and each other.  By committing to key actions, we hold ourselves accountable in the spirit of helping each other be our best.

Take Ownership for My Success

I will honor my commitments

I will be solution-oriented and leverage my resources to overcome challenges

I will develop myself personally and professionally

Speak Openly and Sincerely

I will communicate as clearly as I can to avoid misunderstandings

I will deliver proactive and transparent communication regarding the organization

I will provide and accept direct, timely and authentic feedback

Be a Source of Inspiration

I will lead by example and take responsibility for the results of my words and actions

I will encourage laughter and fun

I will strive for balance and care for myself

Develop & Foster Relationships

I will extend trust and respect and be open to others’ perspectives and experiences

I will assume good intentions and seek to understand in all of my interactions

I will be generous with recognition and appreciation

I will promote a culture of teamwork

Meet the XCITE Team

XCITE stands for Xenium • Culture • Integration • Team • Enhancement.

We are a group of Xenium employees who instill the Xenium Promise through our internal HR programs and work hard to develop our culture. XCITE plans team events inside and outside of the workplace, creates innovative programs to recognize good work, and celebrates individual and organizational success.


We like to keep busy.


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Xenium employees gather monthly to practice public speaking

Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Our client service philosophy dedicates a team of HR Business Partners and Benefits and Payroll Specialists to our clients so they have immediate assistance with the continuity of one service team.

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What We Do

What We Do

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Careers With Xenium

Careers with Xenium

If you have a passion for client service and enjoy a fast-paced and friendly work environment, Xenium may be the right fit for you. Find out about our current openings.

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