Emily Etherington, SPHR


Onsite HR Generalist

Emily joined the Xenium team in August of 2012 as an on-site HR Representative.  This role involves a strong focus on improving hiring techniques / results and developing an effective safety program to reduce accidents and injuries, which she is well-suited for.  Prior to this opportunity, Emily spent five years in a similar human resources position, developing her knowledge and skills in various responsibilities including team building, leave management, time and attendance, safety chair, hazard recognition, accident prevention, performance management, bookkeeping, and office management.

Some of Emily’s greatest contributions in that position were: developing a standard operating procedure for the safety committees at seven different locations; reducing accidents and injuries by 90% and accomplishing over two years without accident/injury at her location; refining HR processes and policies; implementing effective performance management techniques to develop current employees; and reducing the cost of hiring by building a strong team and hiring key personnel.

Emily’s greatest strengths are her versatility and ability to wear many hats. While she has the ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of personalities, she is also a good motivator and thrives on helping people identify and develop their strengths and skills.  She places great value on team work and contributing to results.

Emily’s personal interests outside of work include singing, song writing and recording, networking, music event promotion and production, reading and time with her two children Elijah (12) and Jonas (9).