Shelly Fender


Onsite HR Generalist


B.S. in Community Health Education & HR Certification, Portland State University


Shelly recently joined the team as an Onsite HR Generalist at a Xenium client providing front line support in employee relations, technical HR, recruitment, onboarding and HR compliance.

She brings some great HR experience to the table having worked for 20 years in a leadership role for a large health and wellness corporation. Her main responsibilities were overseeing HR People functions, Operations and Training & Development. HR is a good fit for her since working with people has always been her passion.

Shelly is a natural leader and enjoys motivating and inspiring people to do their best, believing that the day-to-day moments matter most to employees. She easily builds rapport and trust with her teammates, and feels that her agility, strategic focus and calm demeanor in the workplace have helped her find success in this field.

Shelly was attracted to Xenium’s reputation for consistent and high-quality HR deliverables, services and training workshops.

Portland has always been Shelly’s home, and she enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.