Proposed Updates for Overtime Regulations

Department of Labor LogoOn March 13, 2014, President Obama gave a directive to the Department of Labor suggesting The Fair Labor Standards Act be updated to reflect changes in our modern economy. In the directive, President Obama states, “…these regulations are outdated, millions of Americans lack the protections of overtime and even the right to the minimum wage.”

The Formula for Happiness in the Workplace

xcite-teamIn one of the most viewed TED talks, Shawn Achor, an advocate of positive psychology and researcher who spent 12 years at Harvard studying what makes people happy, provides a fast-paced, entertaining explanation of the link between happiness and success. The focus of the research not being of the average population, but rather outliers – people who have achieved great fulfillment and success despite challenges or obstacles.

Hiring for the Long-term: A Focus on Talent and Culture

hiring-retaining-talentThe following information is from an interview with Erin Lang, Human Resource Business Partner at Xenium.

Hiring candidates based on their skill set and ability to fulfill the job requirements is obviously important, but for an engaged, long-term employee, hiring based on cultural fit can be equally as important.

New April Workshops – Attracting & Retaining Talent and Customer Centric Cultures.

April Manager WorkshopsEmployers recognize that in order to stay competitive in the growing marketplace they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. Successful companies focus on the vision and purpose behind their business and communicate their passion for what they do. They have strong values that support their core purpose and they instill that message across the organization, from the employees they hire to the customers they work with.

Highlights from Retaining Top Talent Webinar

Xenium Webinar - Retaining Top TalentAttracting and retaining talent is at the top of mind for employers in 2014. While there is not a shortage of people job-seeking, the challenge has become about keeping highly skilled employees. As competition continues to increase, companies should now shine light on what makes them an employer of choice by creating a retention and recruitment strategy.

Introducing the Leadership & Economic Webinar Series

Back in December, Xenium joined forces with Pacific Continental Bank, Geffen Mesher and Pilot Wealth Management for the 2nd Annual Leadership and Economic Summit. With plans to keep the tradition of an annual event going, we have decided to give our clients and friends nuggets of content throughout the year on various subjects— this time, through a webinar series.

Three Post-Recession Beliefs Employers Need to Change

Graph Showing Economic TrendAre you still engaging in recessionary thinking in a post-recessionary economy? After this period of growth stagnation, it’s time to take a fresh look at some old beliefs to make sure you are making decisions based on facts of today. It may be time to rethink these 3 beliefs and adjust to today’s job market.