My Experience in a Mentorship Program

20140722-IMG_6027For anyone who has considered developing a formal mentorship program within their organization, I will tell you that it has done wonders for the employees of Xenium in terms of professional growth, communication and relationship development. Although mentorship programs can come in many different formats, at Xenium we decided to keep the program internal. This means that employees within the four walls of the organization are matched, with each match typically including a leadership-level employee and someone growing within the organization who seeks to receive support and learn from an experienced leader. We also made a point to ensure an employee’s direct manager would not be their mentor.

A Principled Approach to Compensation

the-xenium-promiseAccording to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months—a whopping 80% crash and burn.  Reasons for this high percentage include companies not knowing their customers well enough, products that aren’t compelling or differentiated, and many other distractions that occur throughout the process of getting the company up and running.  The initial steps of starting a business are intricate, and must be approached with careful attention and precision.  Establishing the role and procedures of Human Resources is one of these essential, yet often underestimated or entirely disregarded, initial tasks. Here’s how it frequently plays out:

Podcast: ‘The One Thing’ Book Discussion

Podcast icon for 'Human Resources for Small Business' podcastTyler Meuwissen, HR Representative at Xenium HR, joins the Human Resources for Small Business podcast to discuss the book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

During this episode, Tyler and Brandon discuss:

Transcript: Attracting and Retaining Talent in Organizations, an HR Leader Panel

Suzi Alligood | Director of HR Services

Suzi Alligood

The following transcript is from a panel discussion between several HR leaders in Oregon, Susy Dunn, Paige Jackson, and Tana Thomson, moderated by Suzi Alligood with an introduction by Brandon Laws. The podcast episode this transcript was taken from is entitled “Attracting and Retaining Talent in Organizations, an HR Leader Panel.”

Attracting the Millennials of Portland to your company

Employees working as a teamPortland is frequently touted as the city America’s young people flock to, with an ever-increasing number of single, childless residents as a result. A recent Oregon Business article by Katie Ausburger listed a number of strategies and ideas for companies to consider embracing in order to attract and retain employees of this younger population, such as allowing for more flexible dress codes and email etiquette, providing smartphones to employees, encouraging activity and mistakes, and more. Molly Kelley, an HR Business Partner at Xenium HR, put on her HR hat and commented on several of the unique ideas in Katie’s article:

How Mindfulness May Give You the Competitive Edge

mindfullnessGiven our access to technology and attempts at multi-tasking, it has become increasingly difficult for us to relax, hone our focus and be fully present. Even on vacation, many of us are finding it difficult to disconnect from our iPhone, email, social media, and experience reprieve from the pressure to keep up with the external inflow of information.  The big question is:  How can we maintain a desired level of productivity and success while also maintaining as strong sense of wellbeing and fulfillment in our lives?