Transcript: How to Create Guiding Principles for an Organization

IMG_7644The following transcript is from an interview between Lacey Halpern, HR Business Partner at Xenium HR, Joy McCormick, Senior Payroll Specialist at Xenium HR, and Brandon Laws, Marketing Manager at Xenium HR, on the podcast episode entitled: How to Create Guiding Principles for an Organization

Business Leaders Discuss ‘Options & Impacts’ of the Affordable Care Act [Transcript]

Options and Impacts 2014On Tuesday, October 7, Xenium invited local business to the Benson Hotel in Portland for a panel discussion addressing compliance strategy and what to expect for 2015.

Q&A with Xenium President Anne Donovan on Outsourcing

Donovan-Anne-icon-150x150On November 12, Xenium President Anne Donovan spoke on a panel at the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network monthly PubTalk event where they discussed the outsourcing. Below is a transcription of her answers to the Q&A portion of the evening.


Podcast: How to Create Guiding Principles for an Organization

Podcast icon for 'Human Resources for Small Business' podcastEver wonder what it is like to create a set of guiding principles for an organization—the type that all employees believe in and live every single day they are at work? Brandon Laws sits down Joy McCormick and Lacey Halpern of Xenium HR to discuss the process of creating a set of principles, from their very own experience.

Workplace Impacts of the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Oregon

7086216303_3669e76b54_oOn November 4th, 2014, Measure 91, the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act, passed in Oregon. This act legalizes recreational marijuana use, while imposing some restrictions such as maximum legal quantities of possession and prohibited use in public places. The Act goes into effect 30 days after the day it was approved by voters; however, it is not until July 1, 2015 that the personal possession stipulations take effect.

Podcast: How to Engage Employees at Work

Podcast icon for 'Human Resources for Small Business' podcastIn this episode, Brandon Laws is joined by Alfred Dual and Lacey Halpern, both of which are HR Business Partners at Xenium, to discuss an article about ways to engage employees at work.

During the discussion, Brandon, Alfred and Lacey discuss the following employee engagement methods: