What’s Xenium Reading?

booksIt probably isn’t difficult to tell, but Xenium loves to read. From our company-wide book club to previous Podcast discussions and blog posts reviewing specific books to conversations on Twitter with our favorite authors, we’re pretty crazy about any kind of personal or professional development book we can get our hands on. And our love of books and learning and development has permeated much of what we do. As we feel it should.

My Experience in a Mentorship Program

20140722-IMG_6027For anyone who has considered developing a formal mentorship program within their organization, I will tell you that it has done wonders for the employees of Xenium in terms of professional growth, communication and relationship development. Although mentorship programs can come in many different formats, at Xenium we decided to keep the program internal. This means that employees within the four walls of the organization are matched, with each match typically including a leadership-level employee and someone growing within the organization who seeks to receive support and learn from an experienced leader. We also made a point to ensure an employee’s direct manager would not be their mentor.