Content & Events in HR – On Our Radar in March

Content & Events in HR – On Our Radar in March


Webinar: The New Way to Get Paid – How Total Rewards is Taking Over
April 11 | Xenium HR
The idea that compensation is a comprehensive package including health benefits, career development opportunities, culture and work-life balance in addition to pay, Total Rewards is a holistic approach to hiring and retention. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to implement this approach in your workplace and what it could do for your company’s growth.

April Luncheon: Increasing HR’s Impact on Business Results
April 19 | PHRMA
A panel of local executive HR professionals will discuss metrics, data analytics, and other strategies for effectively integrating people strategy with business strategy, as well as how to go about getting buy-in from your colleagues. Re-certification credits available for this event.

Performance Planning & Management
April 20 | Xenium HR
So you hired them… now what? Practicing an effective performance management process starts at onboarding and is essential to achieving business objectives. Re-certification credits available for this event.

Strategic Hiring
April 20 | Xenium HR
In this workshop, create a Performance Profile consisting of critical skills, values behaviors, and results required for a position within your team/organization. Re-certification credits available for this event.

Webinar: How to Tame Burnout – Reduce a Huge Hidden Drain on the Bottom Line
April 25
| Xenium HR
Many businesses see burnout as an inevitable cost of doing business. Burnout masquerades as turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, errors, injuries, and poor customer service. Also, the myths and stigma that many attach to burnout can make it very difficult to address effectively. Beth Genly, Yale-educated specialty nurse-practitioner and founder of Burnout Solutions, offers evidence-based strategies in a lively interactive presentation.

Strategic Management Conference: Data. Leadership. Future.
May 17 | PHRMA
Spend a day networking and hearing from notable speakers on strategic leadership methods, talent intelligence & analytics, how to align company culture with organization-wide objectives and operational processes, the future of HR, and more. Re-certification credits available for this event.


Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. | Washington Post Article
A critique of the oft-championed open-office concept, with a look specifically at how it impacts office culture and productivity.

What the Best Mentors Do | Harvard Business Review Article
After speaking to around 100 business leaders, the author shares 4 key things that the best mentors do to help growing leaders.

Strong Corporate Culture is a Boon to Business | Harvey Mackay Article
A deep dive into what organizational culture is and how it impacts a business’s operations and image.

How to Coach for Adaptability in Leadership | More Than Sound Article
A scenario walkthrough of how to personally improve and grow your own leadership capabilities.

Americans are Quitting Jobs at the Fastest Pace in 16 Years | Yahoo Finance Article
Recent labor data trends around the rate at which people are leaving jobs and what it may mean for business.

Court Rejects BOLI’s Position In Manufacturing Overtime Dispute | Bullard Law Article
The outcome of a recent local legal dispute involving overtime for hourly employees.

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