4 Ways to Culturally Engage your Employees

4 Ways to Culturally Engage your Employees

A strong company culture has the ability to enhance employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue growth. As one prime example of a successful company culture, Google’s well-developed company culture revolves around their motto “Don’t be evil”, and attributes to their number 1 ranking in Fortune’s ‘Great Places to Work’ list.

Consider the following four ways to culturally engage your employees:

1. Job Content: Rather than simply listing employees daily responsibilities, take this opportunity to explain how their position contributes to the success of the organization as a whole. Clearly define expectations, that way employees understand how to measure their success and how it will be measured by others.

2. Communication: It is important for employees to have a direct connection with the leaders of the organization. In fact, some of Google’s success is based on the “policy that any employee can approach any executive within Google.” Consider monthly one-on-one meetings to review individual goals and regular company-wide meetings to discuss big picture, company goals.

3. Values: Clearly define and explain the organization’s mission, vision and values for employees. This will encourage them to make decisions that work towards fulfilling the mission. Think about providing each employee with a copy of a company principles or value statement as a constant reminder of what is important to the entire organization.

4. Balance: Most of us are busy and all-consumed in our day-to-day activities that we forget to keep balance in ours lives. Organizations should consider offering fun activities to employees such as book clubs, outings,  games and celebrations. This will provide employees with an opportunity to better connect with one another, while relieving some of their daily stress.


Amy Van Ditti


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