Keeping Your Teamwork In Check

The results from a survey conducted by Global Integration, polling 4,000 people working in large organizations, reveal that two days in a week are spent in meetings and half of what is discussed is irrelevant. Further, these employees received 70 emails per day and 75% of those were irrelevant. Even if these numbers were to have a large margin of error in their representation, it’s still cause for concern and reflection.

Regarding these statistics, below are some questions to ask yourself as a leader of or HR professional in a small- or mid-size business regarding the way in which your company interacts with each other in-person and via email.

  • Am I meeting with the wrong people too often?
  • Am I exchanging with the right people often enough?
  • Is there someone I should be talking with but I’m not?
  • Looking around the room during a meeting, who is benefiting the most from this particular session? Who is benefiting the least?
  • How can I get people more engaged in meetings?
  • Do I really need to send this email to everyone in the organization? Who really needs this information?
  • Do I send too many emails? Does someone else send too many emails? Could any number of emails be consolidated into one?
  • Is using email the most effective way to communicate a message? Would a phone call or other method (i.e. instant message) be a better choice?

Brandon Laws

As Director of Marketing, Brandon Laws leads all marketing efforts for Xenium, providing oversight on all marketing campaigns, digital marketing strategy, events, sponsorships and public relations. Brandon brings a positive energy to every aspect of his role at Xenium—from internal initiatives around culture and wellness to industry thought leadership through the Xenium podcast and other social efforts. Active within the HR community, he currently volunteers on the board of the Portland Human Resource Management Association as the Director of Marketing & PR.

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