Funky Interview Questions

In my perusal of trending HR and business topics, I somehow stumbled across a more dated article by the team over at Glassdoor’s blog listing the “Top 25 Oddball Questions.” It has some timeless entertainment value for HR professionals and business leaders.

There are some wonderfully fantastic queries. I’m sure a number of these interview questions act as either ice breakers, but some others can be viewed as attempts to gauge the the applicant’s creative, analytic, and problem-solving skills. Below are a few of my favorite.

  1. “How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?” -Google
  2. “Is your college GPA reflective of your potential?” – Advisory Board
  3. “Does life fascinate you?”-Ernst & Young
  4. “How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?” -Disney Parks & Resorts
  5. “What do you think of garden gnomes?” -Trader Joe’s

Have you ever asked an applicant an oddball question?

Mathew Simonton

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