How to Get Better Results from Your Job Posts

According to HireRight, more than half of employers say that their primary challenge in 2013 is finding, retaining and developing quality talent. Since the process begins with finding talented employees, consider these tips on how to improve your job posting to attract the applicants you want.

Make it Familiar

It is important that your company brand comes through in job postings. Include the company logo and use a theme that is consistent with other outbound company messaging. Job posts are an opportunity to leverage your brand with a streamlined message to attract top talent with a memorable and credible post. Candidates are often more likely to apply for a position with a company that has an established brand, so it’s worthwhile to make your brand recognizable.

Make it Readable

Once a branded theme has been established for the post, it’s important that the content is easy to read. A standard format with language that is consistent throughout all job posts enhances the marketing message for job seekers who may look at posts for other positions. Using bullet points, bold font, paragraph breaks and other formatting features to highlight important points contribute to a professional brand image and make it easy for the candidate to follow.

Make it Easy to Understand

A descriptive job post is the key to receiving applications from candidates who are most qualified. Descriptions should always include details of the position, duties involved, qualifications, a description of the company, and benefits & intangibles. In order to appeal to top talent, use professional language associated with the position to.

“Top performers know what a job entails. Since they have a choice of where they work, they are interested in hearing why they should work for your company rather than your competition.” –The Recruiting Training Corner

Make it Easy to Find

Talent is out there, so when posting a job online, it is important to include keywords that candidates are entering into search engines so that the post has the potential to show up in the search listings. These defined keywords should be included throughout the post including the job title, description, benefits, location and industry. In order to find the keywords that will be most effective, enter phrases that job seekers are likely to search into a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Tool to determine the competition, the number of local and global searches, and to generate ideas for keywords you haven’t thought of before.

Create a Perfect Follow-up

Acknowledging that the job seekers application has been received is an opportunity to thank them for their time and consideration through an automatic or custom response. It is also the opportunity to enhance a positive brand image, which is important considering that your product or service may be relevant to them or someone they know in the future.

“The goal of Internet recruiting is to bring top talent into client organizations. A well-executed job posting can do just that, but it can ALSO bring a new consumer to your brand.”- The Recruiting Training Corner



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