Recruiting by Video – From Job Descriptions to Interviews

Recruiting by Video – From Job Descriptions to Interviews

In 2012, Aberdeen Group found that 54% of organizations that have adopted video as a part of the recruiting process have done so in support of their long-term talent acquisition strategy. While this approach might not be appropriate for all businesses, benefits such as saving time, money and attracting top talent should be considered before dismissing the option.

Below are some of the ways that video is being utilized in the recruiting process from job descriptions to interviews.

Job Descriptions

“Putting a face on the company will engage prospective hires while at the same time portraying more information in a shorter amount of time.” –Josh Tolan

Appeal to Talent- The use of a video in place of a written job description may be an effective way to attract talented candidates. This innovative approach expands the pool of talent by intriguing job seekers from around the world. Unlike a written description, a video allows the company to better convey their culture, values and expectations in a way that will appeal to candidates with the greatest potential.

Build Your Brand- By creating a video description, employers are enabled to effectively brand their company by stating the benefits of working for them in a way which helps them stand out from competition. In addition to branding the company as an enjoyable and innovative place to work, employers are able to describe the ideal employee in full detail rather than simply listing the qualifications. This thorough description is likely to save time by allowing the job seeker with a fair opportunity to get a sense of whether or not the company’s values align with their own, and to determine if they would be a good fit for the company in the long-term.


9 out of 10 employers say they would watch a video resume if it was submitted to them” – Spark Hire

Relevancy- Considering most online platforms limit video resumes to 60 – 120 seconds, they do not require more time to review than a paper resume and often provide a better idea of candidate potential. Applicants realize that they have to capture the attention of the hiring manager in this short time period, and therefore are more likely to reveal information that is most relevant to the company and position, versus a paper resume which most often lists credentials in chronological order.

Personality- Although there are ways to add personal touches to a paper resume, a video provides much greater insight into the candidates unique personality, demeanor,  attitude and body language. This visual presents employers with a better idea of how well the applicant’s traits meet the position qualifications and fit within culture of the company. A video also allows the employer to observe the candidate’s communication skills, which is especially important if they are applying for a customer-facing position.


“Over 60% of companies realize the benefit of video interviewing and utilize it in their hiring process”Spark Hire


1. Recorded: For employers with busy schedules, recorded interviews are a great solution. In a recorded interview, recruiters pose interview questions in a written format, which candidates then respond to on video. These recorded videos can be viewed by the employers at their convenience and passed on to fellow managers for a collaborative effort in choosing the best candidate. This process makes it easier to filter through initial applicants to lead to those with the most potential.

2. Live: Live video interviews may be a good alternative to traditional in-person interviews in that they allow for two-way conversation while eliminating some of the hassle of setting up face-to-face interviews. Both live and recorded videos may eliminate some of the expenses associated with scheduling and traveling that might otherwise be required for an in-person interview.

“72 percent of the managers surveyed identified reduction in travel costs as the primary reason for these investments.” –2011 Aberdeen report, ROI of Video Collaboration

Analysis- Most of the platforms used for video interviews have features which allow fellow staff members to view the interviews, comment, score and rank the candidates. Having input from others throughout the company is likely to lead to the candidate who is best suited for the job.




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