Large Companies Make HR Mistakes, Too

Large Companies Make HR Mistakes, Too

Several large companies are making headlines over recent HR issues. See the stories below.


Apple’s newly designed campus has seemingly everything
– but no childcare?

Apple’s $5 billion new campus in Cupertino, California packs in many staples of large tech campuses – a huge gym (100,000 sq ft!), large shared spaces, and jaw-dropping sleek designs. But, rather notably, it’s missing a childcare center. pointed out that when Patagonia added a childcare center their retention rates for female employees jumped to 100%. Is Apple potentially missing out on female employees who would be motivated to stay with a company who prioritizes providing childcare to their employees?

IBM is calling its remote workforce back to the office

Remote work has been a trend over the past few years, but IBM, formerly a champion of the trend, recently has been turning against that tide.

It’s been a gradual move over the past few years for many departments, the Washington Post reports, but it is now requiring its marketing department – 2,600 people – to locate to one of several determined locations. They are accommodating moving costs – or severance to employees who refuse to move. Decisions had to be made in March and employees are expected to make their moves this summer.

Tesla injury rates 31% higher than industry average

A recent report revealed that injuries at Tesla are much higher than those typically seen within the industry. Tesla has recently pushed back against these findings and defend its safety records, but with more worker testimonies emerging and public discussion, workers may look to unionize.

Walmart punishing employees for taking sick days

An advocacy group report recently stated that Walmart had violated multiple employment laws including the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Walmart has put out a statement in response to the report, claiming that they abide by all appropriate employment laws and restrictions.

Uber’s execs are leaving – and it all began with an HR fiasco

Business Insider recently reported that many top executives have left the ride-sharing company Uber in recent months for various reasons, and more than 20 people have been fired after a deep company-wide dive into harassment allegations. Uber’s downturn has its roots in an HR fiasco that broke in February when a former employee spoke out about the culture of harassment and poor HR response to complaints and issues.

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