8 Lessons on how to run a company that people actually enjoy working for

8 Lessons on how to run a company that people actually enjoy working for

Patty McCord, the author of Powerful, a bestselling book released in 2018, shared 8 lessons on how to run a company that people enjoy working for in a recent TED video. It’s a perfect recap of a lot of the ideas from McCord’s book. Check it out below.

Recap of the 8 Lessons from Patty McCord:

  1. Your employees are adults
  2. The job of management isn’t to control people, it’s to build great teams
  3. People want to do work that means something. After they do it, they should be free to move on
  4. Everyone in your company should understand the business
  5. Everyone in your company should be able to handle the truth
  6. Your company needs to live out its values
  7. All start-up ideas are stupid
  8. Every company needs to be excited for change

If you haven’t read or heard of Powerful, it’s an incredible read with a lot of great ideas for small and large companies about building a great workplace culture. The entire Xenium book group read it in Spring 2018 for one of our choices. Following the book club discussion, Tyler Meuwissen and I discussed it during a podcast episode. Listen here.

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