Top Five HR for Small Business Podcast Episodes of 2017

Top Five HR for Small Business Podcast Episodes of 2017

As we head in to the new year, let’s take a look back at the top five downloaded podcast episodes of 2017 … These are the podcasts that you, our listeners, downloaded the most. Enjoy (again)!

#5 – How to Unlock the Hidden Job Market and Change Careers Successfully

Description: So much of the job seeking process has moved online into social media, job boards, and applicant tracking systems. But is this the most effective way to job search these days? What about the so-called “hidden job market,” and how do we find those less publicized or Google-able opportunities? Peter Paskill, Owner and CEO of CareerMakers, joins Brandon Laws in a discussion of how to navigate the job market in a focused, determined way, and come out of it with your dream job. In this podcast, Peter not only shares best practices for job seekers, but he provides insight to the behaviors of job seekers that recruiters will learn from.


#4 – How to Refocus HR to Work for You

Description: At Xenium, it’s our job to stay on top of the various workplace and HR trends that come our way. And in this podcast, we’ll talk about the belief that HR should be replaced or absorbed into other business departments. Is it a good idea? Listen in to find out. We’ll be discussing the viability of this approach, the role of HR and the real duties of the department. Whether it skews administrative or strategic, we’ll be talking through the ways your HR department can be refocused to do more for your organization.


#3 – Xenium’s President on Top Trends in HR During 2017

Description: As we look forward to the rest of 2017, what can we expect to see in the world of business and human resources? What will employees expect from their workplaces, and how can you anticipate their needs as an employer? And the question on everyone’s mind: how will the changing political landscape impact business practice and employment law? Anne Donovan, President of Xenium HR, returns to the podcast to share her 2017 HR predictions along with actionable advice for how to stay ahead of the curve this year.


#2 –  Everything You Need to Know about Hiring Millennials

Description: When it comes to hiring fresh talent, there’s a new demographic in town. With boomers retiring and Gen Xers aging, millennials are taking over the workforce and changing the way companies attract and retain new talent. In this episode, we’ll be discussing all the ins and outs of recruiting and hiring millennials—why it’s worth it and what to expect. Listen in as we decode the values and behaviors of today’s job seekers to arm you with the knowledge you need to connect with the next generation of top talent.


#1 – Professional Development Matters

Description: Everyone learns differently. So, how do you advance professional development while catering to the many ways people learn? Listen in as five Xenium professionals discuss their favorite learning methods, as well as the pros and cons. Whether you prefer the experiential nature of on-the-job learning or workshops, teaching yourself via books and videos, or the structure of industry certifications, this episode offers professional development inspiration that you and your employees can put into practice.



The Host’s Choices:

Millennials and Management & Why Great Leaders Work on Themselves First

This is like picking my favorite child. It’s impossible! Can’t I choose all of the episodes recorded in 2017?

I’m only half joking. I learn something new from each guest interview and discussion, which makes this hard to choose one or two episodes. I can think of 10-15 episodes that really stick out to me, but I always come back to these two episodes.

“Millennials and Management” with Lee Caraher was a fun discussion. I really enjoyed reading her book, which is why I think the discussion was as fun as it was. Millennials get a bad rap sometimes and I think Lee articulated the value of millennials bring to organizations really well in the discussion.


“Why Great Leaders Work on Themselves First” was the first episode where I stepped aside and had Angela Perkins host the show. She has a relationship with Daniel Harkavy, the author of Living Forward, so it made the most sense for her to do the interview. She nailed the interview. I found this content to be very inspirational and couldn’t help but to take notes and even relisten to this episode several times.

Brandon Laws

As Director of Marketing, Brandon Laws leads all marketing efforts for Xenium, providing oversight on all marketing campaigns, digital marketing strategy, events, sponsorships and public relations. Brandon brings a positive energy to every aspect of his role at Xenium—from internal initiatives around culture and wellness to industry thought leadership through the Xenium podcast and other social efforts. Active within the HR community, he currently volunteers on the board of the Portland Human Resource Management Association as the Director of Marketing & PR.

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