Wellness BINGO Template for the New Year!

Wellness BINGO Template for the New Year!

As a follow-up to our recent podcast entitled: “How to Create Effective Wellness Programs That Stick”, we have provided a Wellness BINGO template that you can use for your work-site wellness program. This is a challenge intended for an activity-based wellness program.

The BINGO card has a variety of activities focused on exercise, diet, and stress relief. This wellness challenge can be a great way to engage employees and encourage wellness throughout your organization starting with the New Year.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the wellness BINGO card template
  2. Customize the BINGO card by filling out the duration & person’s name in charge of organizing the challenge
  3. Distribute to your employees

Depending on the culture of your organization, you may choose to provide small prizes for the employee who gets BINGO first or completes the most squares at the end of the challenge.

Happy New Year!

Download the Wellness BINGO Template here.

Amy Van Ditti

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