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Looking to draw in top talent? You’ll need to think beyond the paycheck, as the concept of Total Rewards has taken over. The idea that compensation is a comprehensive package including health benefits, career development opportunities, culture and work-life balance in addition to pay, Total Rewards is a holistic approach to hiring and retention. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to implement this approach in your workplace and what it could do for your company’s growth.

We’ll cover:

  • A breakdown and thorough definition of Total Rewards
  • Why so many companies are taking a holistic approach to their compensation offerings
  • What outcomes your organization and company culture can see from this strategy
  • Several success stories from companies who have shifted to a Total Rewards model
  • How to build your own Total Rewards strategy


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Many businesses see burnout as an inevitable cost of doing business. Burnout masquerades as turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, errors, injuries, and poor customer service. Also, the myths and stigma that many attach to burnout can make it very difficult to address effectively.

If you’ve been wondering how to tackle this persistent drag on performance and morale, you’ll get a lot from this webinar. Beth Genly, Yale-educated specialty nurse-practitioner, founder of Burnout Solutions, and author of the forthcoming book, Save Yourself from Burnout: Jump-Start Your Fading Energy and Productivity, offers evidence-based strategies in a lively interactive presentation.


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