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Xenium Reading List
A download that references all the books the Xenium book club has read and books from authors we’ve interviewed on the Xenium podcast. We even provide our top 5 books for senior leaders and HR professionals.

2017 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reference Guide
The ACA reference guide outlines all of the requirements for employers, including reporting requirements, how to determine if you are an Applicable Large Employer (ALE), measurement of full-time status, and much more.

2019 Tax Rates and Limits
A reference sheet specific for Oregon and SW Washington employers containing tax rates, limits, and a list of bank holidays.

2019 Workshop Calendar
Calendar includes session titles, summaries and dates for Xenium’s 2019 workshops and events.

Training Pamphlet
A comprehensive pamphlet of our training available as a hosted workshop at Xenium, on-site training, and web-based course.



Business Leaders Discuss ‘Options & Impacts’ of the Affordable Care Act
Transcript of a panel discussion on October 7, 2014 between business leaders. Discussion topics include recently passed regulations and how they may impact business, including legalized marijuana, Portland Paid Sick Leave and Affordable Care Act.



eBook: How to Conduct Successful Informational Interviews
You have limited time in an informational interview. Make the most of it with our ebook, which guides you through the whole process, from selecting a professional to interview, to brainstorming questions, to sending respectful follow-up messages.

Whitepaper: How a Retention Strategy Could Save Your Business
Xenium’s VP of HR Tana Thomson provides insight into why retention matters, where employers should start, how managers play a role in retention, and how to create a retention strategy.



About Me
A worksheet for employees to provide information about themselves, useful for new hires and for employee recognition.

Interview Questions for a Coworker
A list of get-to-know-you questions for team building and internal company activities.

Wellness BINGO
A BINGO card with a variety of activities focused on exercise, diet, and stress relief.



Emerging Model for Growing Companies

Financial Executives in Human Resources

Human Resources Leadership Awards


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Uncovering Harassment in the Workplace

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