Number of Employees: 12

Internal HR: No

Xenium Service: HR Integrated


The Background

Hoyt Street Physicians located in Portland, Oregon, is made up of twelve private practice psychiatrists and a staff of receptionists. They have been in practice for nearly 30 years, and recently experienced periods of growth.

“Xenium has helped us set clear guidelines for our business, not just within our employee handbook and job descriptions, but with our strategic company growth goals.”

Office Manager

Hoyt Street Physicians

The Impact

Focus on Goal-Setting

Time and ability to set guidelines and company goals



As a result of Xenium’s consistent reliability, Hoyt Street staff feel confident and supported

The Employer Challenge

Prior to using Xenium, Hoyt Street Physicians used a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) who was unable to go beyond processing payroll and administering benefits. Resources were limited for Hoyt Street, and the PEO was unable to answer HR questions that regularly came up. After experiencing the frustrations of their service for several years and operating without an employee handbook, they decided to search for a new, local [PEO] partner to better support their staff and allow them to focus on their practice.

Principal expectations from the new company included detailed job descriptions that outlined the primary and secondary functions of each position, along with an employee handbook, something that they requested of their previous provider but never received. They also hoped for improved and ongoing communication with their new PEO partner.

The Solution

Hoyt Street Physicians decided on Xenium’s PEO program, which included an integration of payroll, a group health program, workers’ compensation, and HR support and consultation.

In the beginning of the relationship, Xenium first created a draft of an employee handbook for the Office Manager to review with the executive committee. They continued to attend monthly meetings at Hoyt Street to finalize the job descriptions, acted as a mediator during staff meetings, and helped with the transition of new committee chairs. Xenium also provided administrative support, which included helping them address sensitive issues and handle difficult situations in the most appropriate and effective way for everyone involved.

Further improvements were ignited after their staff attended the Performance Planning & Management workshop, which inspired them to revamp their previous performance evaluations, with the goal to provide employees with a more substantial feedback loop.

Hoyt Street’s staff found the Xenium team to be very responsive, helpful and supportive. In addition to working with their dedicated HR professional, Lacey, they have also stayed in frequent contact with their payroll specialist and benefits representative at Xenium. They feel reassured knowing that they have someone to go to regardless of the issue.

When Hoyt Street Physicians first hired Xenium, they had very little expectations aside from processing payroll and answering basic human resource questions. Their Office Manager stated that Xenium is an extremely valuable resource and has far exceeded expectations by “helping set clear guidelines for our business, not just with the employee handbook and job descriptions, but with setting company goals and helping us make progress and grow as an organization.” Hoyt Street staff feels confident knowing that Xenium provides consistent reliability and is willing to help in anyway possible.


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