Number of Employees: 16

Internal HR: No

Xenium Service: HR Integrated



The Background

Inavero is a market research organization founded in 2006 by Eric Gregg. The firm creates and analyzes the results from satisfaction surveys completed by over half a million employees at professional service companies every year.



“Do we spend more than others on benefits, and some of those things? Absolutely, we do. Do we have less risk than other small companies because of our relationship with Xenium? Absolutely. Do we have a better stand on where we are relative to competition for talent because of Xenium? Absolutely. Finally, do we have a more competitive benefits package because of Xenium? Absolutely. We couldn’t get what we get through Xenium on our own.”

Eric Gregg

CEO and Founder, Inavero

The Impact


Established and grew company culture



Company leaders can focus on big picture goals and other core aspects of the firm with Xenium managing the administrative aspects of being an employer

The Employer Challenge

As a small company just starting out with initially with just 4 employees, Inavero was eager to attract and retain talented employees to grow the company. Inavero set a company goal of becoming a company of choice. “We wanted to succeed, but we wanted to succeed in a way that we felt was sustainable for the people who really helped us to succeed,” said CEO and founder Eric Gregg.

However, Inavero was competing with large companies in the market that had more resources to offer prospective employees. “As a small firm we really couldn’t get there without having some of these larger firm type benefits—really good health care, really strong employee handbooks, benefits that really reach out to the type of talent that would be attracted to a smaller firm,” said Gregg.

The Solution

Eric Gregg was new to the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) concept, and was initially wary of what his employees’ reaction to the model might be. However, Inavero employees were very receptive to the program. “They can trust our company and Xenium…as long as they understand that that relationship with them is the reason that we have the benefits and packages that we do,” Gregg said. He found that working with Xenium “was seen as a benefit and has never been seen as a drawback over the course of the entire time that we have worked together.”

Inavero receives payroll, workers compensation, and benefits services from Xenium. Without the resources to hire experts in each of these areas, partnering with Xenium and having a business partner experienced in all three was seen as most helpful to the firm. Additionally, Inavero is now able to offer fuller benefits packages than they would have otherwise been able to affordably provide. “For us it was about leveling the playing field with the large firms that can maybe give more on salary. We can compete on the full package based on what we get from Xenium,” said Gregg.

Over time, the leadership at Inavero has recognized that as their team grows in numbers, the needs of their employees expand, change, and diversify. In response to the growth and ever-changing employee needs, the company’s use of Xenium’s services has also changed as Inavero has. Inavero now receives payroll, consulting and preventative legal support, and compensation benchmarking recommendations from Xenium.

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