Number of Employees: 30

Internal HR: No

Xenium Service: HR Integrated



The Background

Stevens Integrated Solutions (StevensIS) was founded in 1977 under the name Stevens Printing by Bob Stevens and serves the Portland area as the premier family-owned printing company. Currently, Stevens Integrated Solutions day to day operations are under the control of Bob’s sons, Dave and Rich Stevens.

The company is focused on customer service and high-end printing services; Stevens Integrated Solutions is also a leader in promoting environmental practices and sustainability in Portland.

Stevens Integrated Solutions offers a wide range of services that include offset printing, digital printing, online ordering and much more.



“During 2008, when Rich and I had to take a hard look at our business expenses and see how we could trim things, we didn’t even discuss taking Xenium out of the picture. It did not even cross our mind, there is just way too much value there.”


Dave Stevens

Vice President, Stevens Integrated Solutions

The Impact


More time to focus on key projects


Business leaders are able to focus on the core aspects of their business


The Employer Challenge

The leaders at Stevens Integrated Solutions recognized that their growth was expanding their workforce. Rich and Dave Stevens realized this needed to be addressed as their core focus remained on the strategic and operational side of running their business and not managing the employer functions. Stevens Integrated Solutions’ leadership team agreed on three priorities: to highly value their employees, to find a solution that would create employer systems and efficiencies meant to attract and retain their workforce, and to remain focused on growing their business. Even though they had a third party processing their payroll at the time, there was a sense that all of their employer functions were not being well managed.    

The Solution

In 2003, Rich and Dave Stevens had the chance to speak with Xenium regarding the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model. At the time, they recognized the need for a full-service human resource and payroll integration, so Xenium was a natural fit for their company. Since participating in the Xenium PEO program, Stevens Integrated Solutions has utilized a wide range of HR services, from guidance on employee relations issues, to assistance with protected leaves and handbook and job description creation. Stevens Integrated Solutions has also found value in additional employer services such as payroll processing, section 125 administration and workers compensation programs. As an added value, Rich and Dave Stevens attend the regular training sessions hosted by Xenium as it keeps them up to date on the latest legislation that affect the employment side of their business.

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