Number of Employees: 32

Internal HR: No

Xenium Service: HR Integrated + Payroll

The Background

The KOR Physical Therapy / Athletic Wellness Center is a growing physical therapy and performance clinic. They provide physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, injury rehabilitation, and sport-specific programs at three state-of-the-art clinics in the greater Portland area.

“This was one of my favorite vendor relationships, probably because it didn’t feel like a vendor relationship. It was a partnership, a true partnership in the sense that it felt like our goals were so perfectly aligned.”

Spencer Greve

Executive Director of Business Operations, The KOR

The Impact


Integrated the KOR’s culture into people practices

Established Systems

Helped the company grow by putting scalable HR practices in place

Growth & Development

Helped bring in great people and grow the leadership team

The Employer Challenge

As a growing company with three locations and about 25 employees, the KOR was beginning to feel the need for HR support. “We often had situations come up with insurance, OFLA, 401k, and we didn’t know how to handle it. Each time we would go to our HR attorney, but you can only do that so many times,” Greve said.  “At a certain point it just made sense to bring in a partner who can make sure you’re following the rules properly.” The KOR needed a professional who could evaluate their current people practices and make recommendations that would best fit their business.

The Solution

The executive team was looking for an HR Business Partner who would fit seamlessly with their company culture. Greve admits that he was initially tentative about working with Xenium.  “After three months, though, we were all in,” said Greve. “The trust was built up quickly with Lacey and the wider Xenium team. We knew we could count on them,” said Greve.

Lacey Halpern, Senior HR Business Partner, worked closely with the KOR to step up their HR program. She started by working through the employee handbook to ensure the policies and programs were in line with company culture. She, along with the support of Kelli Woodworth, created job descriptions and refined the recruiting and onboarding process. Tana Thomson, Xenium’s VP of HR and certified compensation consultant, reworked the KOR’s compensation program to be competitive within the industry. Lacey worked closely with managers throughout the process—joining monthly management meetings and leading trainings on performance reviews and interviews.

As a company that truly understands how important culture is to a business, Xenium was the perfect partner to help the KOR translate their culture into HR practices. The positive growth of the company’s culture became a huge value add for the KOR. “With Xenium’s help, we created a better culture—we’re only as good as our people,” said Greve.