Number of Employees: 95

Internal HR: No

Xenium Service: HR Integrated


The Background


Vernier Software and Technology creates easy to use educational software for educators to enhance students experience with chemistry, biology, engineering and environmental sciences. Since its founding in 1981 by Dave and Christine Vernier, Vernier Software & Technology has experienced significant growth and now sell their award winning products to 126 countries all over the world.

“We went from 20 employees in 1996 to 95 employees in 2013. Our needs have changed over the years, but Xenium’s service has always been there.”

Christine Vernier

Owner and CFO, Vernier Software & Technology

“If Xenium is not able to provide a particular service they will bend over backwards to find a resource for you.”

Ami Blakkolb

HR Manager, Vernier Software & Technology

The Impact


Focus on growing and refining company culture

More Communication

More time for company leaders to interact with employees

The Employer Challenge

In 1996, Vernier first came across Xenium when their internal HR manager—who supported their 20 employees—planned to go on maternity leave. Vernier needed HR support during their employee’s absence and looked to partner with an HR services partner that could fill the gap temporarily. Christine Vernier also considered the options of hiring another HR manager or taking on the duties herself, but realized both options didn’t make sense in terms of cost and lost time.



The Solution

When Christine discovered Xenium HR in 1996, the original plan was to support the HR functions they currently had in place with their full-time HR manager. However, Christine discovered that the best solution would be to integrate HR functions under the Xenium Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model. Upon hiring Xenium, Christine anticipated getting an updated employee handbook and job descriptions, but was pleasantly surprised to also get immediate savings upon joining the workers compensation program through the Xenium PEO. In addition, Xenium was able to provide services that they hadn’t experienced before, including personalized training sessions, workshops and a team of resources at Xenium for compliance questions, support with sticky issues, and more. Vernier stated, “There are a lot of companies that can do payroll. And there are companies that can provide HR services. Ami can do 99% of our HR duties, but Xenium provides me with peace of mind. They provide extra services to us that I think no one else could do, and they are always there for us if we have a question or if we have a problem. They are always present to guide us through challenging situations.”

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