Effective Project Planning Webinar

You have been given a project to lead … what do you do next? Ready, Shoot, Aim? We hope not! Time is often wasted by getting work started before expectations are aligned and understood. Effective project planning is built on a framework of discipline. With our webinar you will learn a methodical process to break down the work into manageable parts, schedule activities necessary to do the right work at the right time, and finally assign needed resources to the plan. All of this while ensuring a discipline of efficient time and people management.


  • Establish a framework for effective project planning
  • Break work down into manageable pieces
  • Develop a schedule of dependent activities
  • Outline a process to assign resources to the activity schedule.

Who will benefit:

  • New and emerging project managers with little or no formal training
  • Experienced project managers interested in continuous improvement and honing skills
  • Organizational leaders sponsoring project and program initiatives.

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Presented by

Steve Brook
President, Atainium


Steve is an accomplished leader with 30 years of diverse business experience guiding organizations to achieve ambitious goals. Steve is a natural enabler always working to improve capabilities by integrating people, processes, and technology to deliver meaningful results. He is passionate about making organizations more effective so they focus on doing the right things in the best possible way. Steve has worked with business leaders and executives of organizations such as Nike, Wacom, PGE, Linear Technology, Mercy Corps, Kroger, Albertsons, Nautilus, US Bank, Salem Health, and Fiserv. Steve is a certified PMP and an adjunct professor teaching project management at Portland State University.


Moderated by

Brandon Laws
Director of Marketing, Xenium HR


Replay the Webinar Below:

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