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Benefit Programs

Employers who provide the richest benefit programs available to their employees not only attract the talent needed to compete in their respective marketplaces, but also find that their employees are more engaged and productive. As a company with years of experience in HR and fully-serviced employer programs, we have witnessed this time and again.

Through the Xenium HR Integrated model, employers can access group programs at affordable rates. The best part of all? These programs are fully administered by Xenium, meaning you won’t have to deal with the nuances of running these programs; you get to focus on growing your business and we handle the rest.

Relying on Xenium to administer some or all of your benefit programs will bring you a dedicated benefits team with the support and knowledge ready to serve your employees. Our team of HR and benefits professionals provides full administration to your organization, including managing employee enrollment meetings, complaint resolution, eligibility tracking, COBRA Administration, HIPAA compliance, consolidated billing, reconciliation, and payment. You can rest easy knowing that benefits questions, compliance concerns, and enrollments are in good hands.

Xenium’s benefit programs are menu-driven, meaning that they are optional and flexible. Choose from any of the following programs to meet the needs of your organization:

*These programs are available only in the HR Integrated model

Third Party Administration (TPA) Services
Love your current broker relationship? Prefer a carrier not offered in Xenium’s program? We can still help. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), Xenium’s benefits team supports end-to-end benefit administration including:

  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
  • COBRA Administration
  • Benefits Administration for Group Medical, Dental, etc.

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