LifeBalance Program


LifeBalance Program


What if you could help all of your employees find a healthy work-life balance? The LifeBalance Discount Network, available through Xenium, helps businesses do just that.

With discounts at more than 10,000 recreational, cultural, wellness and travel-related businesses, the network has something for everyone. From savings at nationally-recognized businesses and attractions, to discounts at locally-owned shops and studios here in the Pacific Northwest, LifeBalance makes it easier for your employees to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Sample savings categories include:

  • Car Rentals
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Family Attractions/Amusements
  • Hotels/Rentals/Lodging
  • Massage/Spa/Relaxation
  • Movies/Film
  • Nutrition/Supplements
  • Performing Arts/Events/Theatre
  • Running/Jogging/Walking
  • Sporting Goods
  • Weight Management
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Wildlife/Zoos/Aquarium
  • Yoga/Pilates

You may know some of the LifeBalance partners!

LifeBalance Wellness Challenges

Healthy employee camaraderie. An active and motivated workforce. A wellness-focused workplace culture. If these are goals for your organization, LifeBalance Wellness Challenges can help you reach them.

LifeBalance’s employee wellness challenges are fun. They’re rewarding. And, most importantly, they’re effective. Options include:

Each challenge is completely customizable. You pick the length, the focus, the prize structure, and even the name, if you feel so inclined. LifeBalance provides the customized portal, the content, the live reporting, the prize distribution and the full challenge feedback.

Your employees? They’ll provide the fun…and the new-found motivation to lead healthier lifestyles.

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