401k – Retirement Plan

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401k – Retirement Plan


Principal Financial Group In partnership with Principal Financial Group and Pension Plan Specialists, we are pleased to offer access to today’s premiere 401(k) product.

  • Fully installed and administered – we save you administrative costs and time
  • Our personal attention to educating and informing employees results in increased enrollment and higher deferrals




Service Features

  • Plan document preparation including eligibility, vesting and funding options
  • On-site initial enrollments and on-going employee orientation
  • IRS discrimination testing and form reporting
  • Quarterly account statements and employer summary reports
  • 24-hour automated TeleTouch phone access to account information.
  • Internet aaccess for participant account balance and fund transfer information



Principal Financial Group provides a diversity of investment options for the new to the highly sophisticated investor.


Principal LifeTime Portfolios

With Principal LifeTime Portfolios, employees have a single investment solution to retirement planning. Each portfolio is managed by pension plan specialists toward a particular target date – or retirement date. Employees simply choose the portfolio that most closely matches their approximate retirement timeline and let Principle do the rest.

Building Your Own Portfolio

Employees choose their own investment mix from over 22 mutual fund offerings including bond, government, small, mid and large caps, international, and real estate.

Self-Directed Brokerage Account*

  • Thousands of individual stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Nominal per transaction fees for stock and mutual funds

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