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time-keepingTime-Keeping System


Xenium SwipeClock is a web-based, automated timekeeping solution that is suitable for businesses both large and small. SwipeClock was designed to offer exceptional user ease through its online administrative service and through the use of “plug and play” hardware to collect employee punch data. As a certified SwipeClock reseller, Xenium’s time-keeping system can utilize badge cards, PINs, biometric finger scans, or the phone to record employee’s punches.







Biometric Time-Keeping Solution

Offers Ethernet connectivity (real-time*) and a built-in fingerprint reader.

Channel all your timekeeping needs through one flexible solution. Flex Clock offers functionality for a variety of technologies, including biometrics and telephony punching.

Above all, Flex Clock offers multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, Analog, and Cellular.

biometric-time-clock-z33Setup Requirements:
Flex Clock Unit(s)
Ethernet connection
Power outlet/source




Time Card or PIN Time-Keeping Solution

With near real-time online managerial editing and reporting, supervisors find the “visibility“ needed to effectively maintain a full work force. Other key features include:

• Proximity card integration
• Simple set up and wall mount
• Large clock display for easy employee clocking in/out

time-clock-z11-flex-clockSetup Requirements:
Flex Clock Unit(s)
Ethernet connection
Power outlet/source




Web Clock Time-Keeping Solution

Clock in/out and view employee time cards online through a web browser from an Internet-enabled workstation.

Track employee punching and permit employees to view their personal time card online via a PC.

With IP filter restrictions, you can designate which PC’s will act as authorized time clocks.


Setup Requirements:
PC with Internet access
(no software to install)



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