HR Basics: Tips & Traps for Supervisors


Knowing the current employment laws and how to apply them will in turn affect employee morale. People like to work for people they respect, and they engage in their work when their manager creates a fair and positive environment. You add value by complying with the law, protecting the organization.

These “Top Traps” have been identified as key areas of exposure for employers, regardless of industry. Whether you are new to a supervisory position, or it’s just time for a refresher course, this workshop will arm you with knowledge and implementation tips to immediately put into action.



  • Understand key employment laws and the role you play in managing employment risk
  • Implement best practices for documenting employment action, managing attendance and requests for accommodation, and responding to employee complaints
  • Proactively manage issues head-on and with confidence, garnering the respect of your work group


Who will benefit

  • New and emerging leaders with little or no prior training or experience in managing others
  • Experienced managers interested in staying abreast of employer compliance and best practices
  • HR professionals and organizational leaders looking to ensure effective risk management and compliance with current employment laws

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