HR + Payroll

While Payroll and HR appear to be distinct, they often inform each other on the administrative level. Integrating the two creates a more efficient system for employees, managers and leadership. As with any Xenium program, we work with you to create a customized solution that works within your existing structure and addresses your unique needs. We designed our HR + Payroll model to give the greatest value and service to the widest range of clients. As an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), we are an administrative processor with the option to integrate other services such as HR or Benefits to better serve our clients.

How It Works

The HR + Payroll model is made up of three main components: HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration.


Human Resources

Whether your internal HR staff requires project-based support or we’re your HR department, you’ll get a dedicated HR Business Partner backed by the Xenium HR service team.

Payroll & Tax Services

You are partnered with a dedicated certified payroll specialist who provides payroll and tax reporting services tailored to the needs of your organization.

Benefits Administration

Another option offered under the HR umbrella, our specialists oversee administration of sponsored programs such as group health, dental and life insurance.

  • Full Garnishment Administration
  • Employee File Maintenance
  • Web-Based Entry
  • Direct Deposit and PayCard Options
  • Employee Deductions
  • Benefits Reconciliation
  • Automated Timekeeping Option
  • Payroll Reports and Employee Earnings Statement Delivery
  • Governmental Reporting
  • Management and Accounting Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation and Benefit Reports
  • Vacation/Sick/PTO Accruals
  • Federal and State Tax Filing
  • SUTA Reconciliation and Filing
  • Local Tax Filing
  • W-2 Preparation and Distribution
  • Web-Based Employer and Employee Access
  • Integrated Payroll, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation and Benefits Accounting
  • Integrated Time Keeping
  • Multi-State Payroll and Tax Reporting Capabilities
  • Open Architecture for Import and Export Capabilities to Other ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) Compliant Tools

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