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We Simplify HR

HR, payroll and benefits are anything but simple for management. Xenium’s HR Integrated program is the answer for companies seeking a comprehensive solution that’s the best deal for both the employees and the organization. Xenium’s service removes the administrative burden that comes with dealing with multiple vendor contacts, varied renewal dates and compliance pressure. In addition to HR and payroll, we cover large group benefit plans, group workers’ compensation, insurance products such as EPLI and tax qualified plans such as 401(k) and s125.


We Bring the Value

Like all Xenium’s solutions, the HR Integrated Model can be customized, allowing you to choose your programs and level of support. When you sign up for HR Integrated, you’re not just getting great products. You’re bringing on an entire administrative team of HR business partners, payroll specialists, benefits managers, tax managers, safety specialists and legal resources, for a fraction of the cost it would require to keep those resources in-house. Set up as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO), our model serves as a single-source provider for anything an employer offers an employee. Our size and expertise allows us to offer better benefits at better value to the employees of small- and medium-sized businesses. We handle everything, including:

  • Payroll & Tax Administration
  • HR Management
  • Group Health Plans
  • Group Dental Plans
  • Group Life/LTD/STD Products
  • Tax Qualified Plans (401k, s125, s132)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Preventative Legal
  • EPLI Products

How It Works

We file payroll taxes under the PEO’s Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN), establishing a co-employment relationship that give you access to our group programs such as medical and dental. By grouping our clients together in a PEO relationship, Xenium can offer richer products at lower rates than our clients might be able to secure on their own. Simply put, you get better insurance at better rates. Not only do you get great products, but they are fully administered by the Xenium team. Say goodbye to time-consuming benefits renewal meetings, 5500 filings, leave paperwork and unemployment claims. We handle it. As always, you customize the experience—pick and choose what you’d like to handle on your own and what you’d like from us.


Features of HR Integrated

Human Resources
  • Compliance
  • Systems
  • Strategy
Payroll & Tax Services
  • Update and Maintain Employee Files
  • SUTA Reconciliation and Filing
  • Federal and State Tax Filing
  • Local Tax Filing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Reports & Employee Earnings Statement Delivery
  • Full Garnishment Administration and Processing
  • Employee Deductions
  • Benefit Reconciliation
  • W-2 Preparation and Distribution
  • Unemployment Insurance Management
  • Unemployment Insurance Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Single Invoice Systems for Payroll and Tax
  • Automated Timeclock Options
Optional Benefits Program

Employee Benefits

Tax Qualified Plans

Workers’ Compensation Plan

  • SAIF – Large Group Rating
  • Professional Safety Management Services
  • Worksite OSHA Compliance Review
  • Claims Administration
  • Loss Prevention Programs
  • Safety Incentive Programs
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Ergonomics Assessments
  • Dedicated Safety Manager
  • Safety Program Implementation
  • Loss Prevention Recommendations
  • Safety Committee Facilitation

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